Crackers about ShowDep

I just want to tell you that your ShowDep v2.50 is a very good tool - I like it (even if I don't need it...). But what's even better than the program itself is its protection!!! Congratulations! I've already reversed some protection schemes that are called 'tough' (VBOX 4.03, 4.10, 1stClassMail - p-code compiled VBasic(!), WhereIsIt v2.00....) but your idea with the self modifying code in the Report-save-routine beats them all! I had a look at the crack from [censored], the keygenerator from the famous [censored], the lame try from [censored]... forget them. None of these releases is working. But I'm sure you know that ;) My try to reverse ShowDep was ... hm, unsuccess full. It's easy to patch it to become a 'registered user', but I had to disable your WriteProcessMemory() - function and add 26 lines of own asm code at the place of that crashing Call 'EncryptedRoutine' in your Save-routine for registered guys. Un- fortunately my version only saves one part of the reports (The first entry in the structure on which ecx+238h points on before the 'crash call' if its length is greater than 8Ah ;) )

Ok, think it'll take 1 or maybe 2 hours to fix this, but I don't want to spread around a crack for your cool program! In my opinion you're one of the best coders I know and therefor all these lamers should BUY your proggie - Don't you think so, too ? :)

You should release a list with all lame cracks for ShowDep 2.5 on your site (as you've written to [censored] ...)

That's it for now. Feel free to drop me a line: [censored]

Good luck and have a nice day.

Hello.. I have read the 'Crack attempts' topic in your webpage, and I'd like to congratulate you for creating this topic on your webpage. [censored] was the first 'scene' group to release a keymaker for your products actually. It's a shame not to see it there. I have enclodes it with this email.

As you have already figured out (i hope), the point of creating a keymaker for your product, and generally on shareware products, is not to make you, shareware programmers bankrupt, but because we crackers like defeating the protection types (usually simple) in shareware programs. It would be a lot better for us to crack products done by large companies, like Microsoft, since piracy for them isn't that costy.

As a final note, I'd like to congratulate you for your program, it is really the best of it's category, the best we've ever seen. If I will need to use your program, i'll make sure i register it, that's a promise :)

Best regards
[censored] Leader