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ShowDep 4.0

  • Have you ever seen a message box "The dynamic link library XXX.DLL could not be found in the specified path ..." ?
  • Did you ever call LoadLibrary(XXX.DLL) and get an error ERROR_DLL_NOT_FOUND (1157)?
  • Did you ever wonder how many DLLs are dynamically loaded by a program? What functions it imports from that DLLs? When it creates additional threads and new processes?
  • Did you ever wonder how many OLE objects are used by an application that looks so slow? Have you ever seen "Error 0x80040154" message in your VB program? What do you do when your application crashes on customer's machine trying to load an unregistered OCX?

ShowDep is a tool that helps you understand and control your applications' DLL and OLE interactions.
ShowDep tracks down all implicitly linked DLLs. It displays information about each module, including version information, PE headers, sections, imports, exports, as well as imports and forwards conflicts. ShowDep lets you trace an application and discover which DLLs it loads and COM objects it creates. The information from ShowDep is presented in an easy-to-understand tree view and can be saved in text or RichText format.

ShowDep Features:

  • all types of implicit linking supported, including forwarding an delay-load imports;
  • import-export conflicts checking;
  • comprehensive information about PE structures
  • Borland and Microsoft mangled names support;
  • run-time dependencies tracing;
  • OLE dependencies tracing;
  • powerful and fast import/export/text search;
  • text and RTF reports;
  • ease of use;

For more information see Tech Info section.
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